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Star Clash (sm)

“Perfectly happy in our tertiary star system, its thirteen life sustaining worlds more than sufficient to house our modest population of almost eighty billion, we thought we were untouchable.
Then they came. Humans. They looked like us, walked like us and the technology they possessed allowed them to talk like us. That is where the similarities ended. Never have such a brutal, bastard race existed and it is the sincerest hope of myself and every single surviving member of my species that never will such a race exist again.” Star Clash.
From galactic war to a zombie apocalypse, this anthology is a collection of science fiction short stories, each one set in a different world.

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Live from 1st July 2015

Coming soon! – Star Clash – A Space Anthology

My current project is something a bit different from a regency romance. I am compiling a selection of my science fiction short stories, written over the last couple of years, and brought together in this anthology.

Many of them were written as entries for various Smackdowns. A Smackdown is an elimination-round competition, where the participants are provided with a series of prompts—anything from pictures, to quotations to song lyrics— a sub-genre, and a word limit.
Smackdowns are a lot of fun, as well as suggesting plots and characters which are outside a writer’s usual comfort zone.

At this stage I am planning to release the book in July 2015. Watch this space!