Splinters of Glass will be available from Smashwords and other stores from 3rd May!

I’ve chosen not to enroll Splinters of Glass in Amazon’s Kindle Select Program. This means that I can publish the book elsewhere. The book is available for pre-order now, but won’t go live until 3rd May.

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The Taken – Book 4 – is Here!!!


“The BEST Soul Summoner Book Yet!”

“This series just keeps getting better!”

“If you haven’t gotten into the Soul Summoner Series yet,
you’re missing out.”

“The Taken was even better than the 3 books before it!!!
Elicia Hyder is a true genius with her characters and plot lines!!!

* * *

And I can’t agree with this one more:

“Movie deal please!!!! Would love to see these characters come to life on the big screen.


Sloan Jordan’s days are numbered. She has 139 to be exact. In that time, there’s a lot to do: a missing friend to find, a wedding to plan, and her own murder plot to overthrow.

When a lead takes the crew back to Chicago, the truth they uncover is more shocking than they ever imagine—to fight the enemies of the present, they must first face the demons from the past.


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Splinters of Glass – now available for pre-order!

Splinters of Glass is now available for pre-order on Amazon, going live on 3rd May 2017!

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“Tabula Rasa.” The words came from the other side of the white door. “She’s a blank slate. Everything has been completely wiped—like a newborn.”

“Is she dangerous?” The second voice was lower, clipped.

“I hardly think so,” answered the first voice, dismissively. “Not now, at any rate!” There was a short laugh. Then the door handle turned, and the woman lying on the white bed realised they were talking about her.

In Vera Loy’s second collection of science fiction stories, a woman wakes to discover she knows nothing– except how to kill; the latest version androids prove to be all too human; and humanity discovers that only women can explore deep space, and remain sane.

Splinters of Glass contains five short stories, each representing a different sci-fi sub-genre. Tabula Rasa (Spy-fi), Kate and Peter (Bardpunk), Immortality (Biopunk), To Boldly Go (Space Exploration), and Space Opera.


You can pre-order your copy here.

New anthology – Splinters of Glass

For the last few months, I’ve been working on a second collection of science fiction short stories.

Although the settings are different for each story, they share a common theme of strong female characters, smashing through that glass ceiling.

All five stories in this collection began life on Wattpad, as entries in various contests and challenges, exploring the diversity of the many sub-genres of science fiction.

I’m working toward a release date of 4th May 2017, so watch this space for more details, including a preview of my wonderful cover by E.J. Kellan.