Free books – Dec 2016


Regency Masquerade

Historical Romance

Free 1 – 2 DecAmazon

Pitch Black

Pitch Black

Romantic Thriller

Free 1 – 31 Dec


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Red Night

Vampire Romance

Free 1 – 4 Dec



The Soul Summoner

Paranormal Romantic Suspense

Free 1 – 13 Dec


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The Imperfect Kid

Children’s humour

Free 1 – 4 Dec



Maid for the Rockstar


Free 1 – 31 Dec




Paranormal Romantic Suspense

Free 1 – 5 Dec



Russian Roulette

Vampire Romance

Free 2 – 4 Dec



Save Me


Free 7 – 9 Dec



Confessions of a Wedding Planner


Free 9 – 10 Dec


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Forever Night Stand


Free 12 – 16 Dec



Eun Na and the Phantom


Free 1 – 31 Dec via Instafreebie


Free Reads on Amazon!


Ten Wattpad published writers announce their books are going FREE on Amazon for several days in December! Check the dates before downloading as the free days are different from book to book. Also check that the books are free in your country as time zones vary!

Click on the book titles for the links.

Vera Loy  Regency Masquerade  Nov 30th – Dec 2nd

R.K. Close Red Night Nov 30th – 4th Dec

Ann Writes  The ImPerfect Kid   Nov 30th – 4th Dec

Demelza Carlton Maid for the Rock Star Nov 30th – 4th Dec

Michelle Hayes  Invoke  1st Dec – 5th Dec

May Freighter  Russian Roulette 2nd Dec – 4th Dec

Elicia Hyder   Soul Summoner  4th  – 13th Dec

Anna Santos Save Me  7th Dec  – 9th Dec

Elise Noble   Pitch Black  1st – 13th Dec

Erica Laurie  Eun Na and The Phantom  – FREE on Instafreebie during December

Otherwise, this book is 99c on Amazon 1st – 5th Dec

New Release – Brougham Hall by Nicki J Markus


brougham-hall-blog-tour-bannerBrougham Hall

Nicki J. Markus

28 October 2016

Fireborn Publishing


Heat Level: 1

A family estate falling into ruin. A young woman thrown into an unfamiliar world. Two brothers at odds over their secret. And an ancient malice that threatens destruction and death. 

December 1822, Wiltshire, England

 When Catherine goes to live with her highborn cousin’s family at Brougham Hall, she expects restrictions on her previously free lifestyle and comments on her lack of social grace. What she does not anticipate is the loss of her heart, nor a web of dark family secrets that threaten the safety of everyone in the house.

Vampire twins Hal and James are Lord Grovely’s guests. Though close in some respects, the different approach each takes to his vampiric nature puts a strain on their relationship. Having hoped for a pleasurable sojourn, they find themselves drawn into an unfolding drama in which their brotherly bond will be sorely tested.


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She shivered as she peeled off her layers of clothing. It was cold in the room now night had fallen, so she did not dawdle, wanting to get beneath the blankets and warm her frozen skin. She slipped into her shift and bed jacket, and then tucked the loose strands of her hair into her night cap. Ready at last, Catherine turned back the bed, extinguished the lamp, and climbed in.

The darkness in the room was absolute. The lack of illumination in the hallway beyond precluded even a sliver of light from entering the chamber, and Catherine found her other senses heightened by the restriction on her vision. As she lay there, she heard creaks and groans, and the wind buffeted the windowpane as it roared past. Somewhere outside, an owl hooted. Then came whispers. It sounded as if two people were talking in urgent, hushed tones. Their voices were soft at first but grew louder as they approached, even though Catherine could not make out the words they spoke.

“Who’s there?” Her own voice sounded tremulous and high.

She listened, but the voices were gone. No, not gone; they had never been there to begin with. She was exhausted, and this was her first night in a strange house and an unfamiliar bed. It was natural she would feel anxious and hear things that were not there. Nonetheless, if she carried on in this manner, she would soon convince herself a ghost was hovering at the foot of her bed, and that was nothing but nonsense. With this reprimand in mind, she closed her eyes and settled down to sleep.

Author Bio & Links


Nicki J. Markus (aka Asta Idonea) was born in England, but now lives in Adelaide, South Australia. She has loved both reading and writing from a young age and is also a keen linguist, having studied several foreign languages.
Nicki launched her writing career in 2011 and divides her efforts not only between MM and mainstream works but also between traditional and indie publishing. Her works span the genres, from paranormal to historical and from contemporary to fantasy. It just depends what story and which characters spring into her mind!
As a day job, Nicki works as a freelance editor and proofreader, and in her spare time she enjoys music, theatre, cinema, photography, and sketching. She also loves history, folklore and mythology, pen-palling, and travel; all of which have provided plenty of inspiration for her writing.









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I am offering an eBook copy of my MF PNR short story Canção do Amor to two lucky readers. To be in with a chance to win, please comment on this post, telling me your favourite historical period. I will review comments across all participating blogs at the end of the tour and will randomly select the winners, whom I will contact privately by 6 November, as well as announcing them on my FB and Twitter feeds. (Prize value US$0.98 / GB£0.99)

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Love Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, and SciFi Books? — Elicia Hyder

I’ve joined together with over 100 different fantasy and science fiction authors to do a huge Instafreebie promotion this week! So if you need to check out of this world and visit a new one, or if you’re interested in befriending a new angel, werewolf, or vampire…we’ve got you covered! You’ll find The Soul Summoner…

via Love Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, and SciFi Books? — Elicia Hyder

The Angel of Death By Elicia Hyder IN STORES NOW



The Angel of Death is finally here! The Angel of Death, the third installment of the bestselling series The Soul Summoner, is now available on Amazon for Kindle and in Paperback! Over a thousand fans have already claimed their copy. Have you gotten yours??? “The Soul Summoner hooked me, The Siren made me fall in love […]

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Red Night – new Release by RK Close


The Vampire Files Trilogy, #1

Paranormal Romance

Release Date: May 10, 2016

Cover Designer: Deranged Doctor Designs


For five hundred years I have feasted on the blood of the innocent.

For centuries I have seduced beautiful victims into my bed.

And all this time, I have never gone without…

I am Zachariah…

While enduring endless days as an immortal, only one urge soothes my savage need. 


I have consumed countless humans—I have witnessed mountains of corpses piled beneath my feet. But none more significant than the woman I once loved.

My heart was not the only one she captured, but it would be the last…

An inferior creature turned her heart against me—Adam. Such a pathetic identity to be named after the original creation of God, and always besting me in life. But in death—I am king. 

I am far more treacherous. 

I should be feared.

I demand to be remembered. 

And I am, for being known as the immortal who slayed the woman we both loved, and my rampage continues…

Now in the scorching desert, I find prey well worth the chase…


And my interest in this mortal runs deep. Adam has pursued me over the globe in search of revenge—but his own weaknesses have made him vulnerable. He’s taken to the striking mortal, which means only one thing. 

She will be my next target. 

But this time, not for the taste of blood. I will take her as my own mate, and neither Adam, or anyone else, will stop me…

<br />


Hello! I’m RK Close, author of the ‘Vampire Files Trilogy’. ‘Red Night’ is the first book in the series. I write paranormal-romance & urban-fantasy with a hint of darkness and a dash of humor. Creating characters that my readers will fear, fall in love with, despise or cheer for, is what I love most about writing.


Ann Rice gets all the credit for my vampire addiction which started in my early twenties. Like so many others, I fell in love with her vampires first.

Originally from Kentucky, I’ve lived most of my life in Arizona where I met and married my true love. We were late to the game so we knocked out three ankle-biters in quick succession. We often joke that parenthood saved us from ourselves. Now we need to be saved from parenthood. *just kidding* We love our darling spawn. 

When I’m not writing, I’m taking care of a busy family, dragging my butt to CrossFit, thinking about my stories or spending time with family and friends. My dream is to sell enough books to hire someone to clean our house and cook our meals. Okay, maybe that’s my family’s dream. I tend to get a little obsessed when I write.

Truthfully, I would love the opportunity to pull you into my world of strong independent females, mysterious vampires, noble hunters, hungry werewolves and seductive yet deadly fae. If you like paranormal-romance in a modern-urban setting with plenty of romantic tension, mystery and suspense, then my novels were written for you.