Splinters of Glass

“Tabula Rasa.” The words came from the other side of the white door. “She’s a blank slate. Everything has been completely wiped—like a newborn.”
“Is she dangerous?” The second voice was lower, clipped.
“I hardly think so,” answered the first voice, dismissively. “Not now, at any rate!” There was a short laugh. Then the door handle turned, and the woman lying on the white bed realised they were talking about her.
In Vera Loy’s second collection of science fiction stories, a woman wakes to discover she knows nothing– except how to kill; the latest version androids prove to be all too human; and humanity discovers that only women can explore deep space, and remain sane.
Splinters of Glass contains five short stories, each representing a different sci-fi sub-genre.

Tabula Rasa (Spy-fi)

Kate and Peter (Bardpunk)

Immortality (Biopunk)

To Boldly Go (Space Exploration)

Space Opera.