Drive Men Crazy – Seven #SexySnippets on #MySexySaturday with #SaturdayScenes

Demelza Carlton's Place

Motorcycles, mermaids and MMA – in the 1920s, no less. This week’s about historical fiction and that describes my whole Turbulence and Triumph series on the Indian Ocean in the Roaring Twenties. This week’s snippet comes from the first Turbulence and Triumph book, Ocean’s Justice (which is FREE all weekend!). It’s a good thing my heroine doesn’t like dresses in today’s seven snippets:

Ocean's Justice cover “I don’t know what it is about you, but you drive men crazy with how much we want you. I know if you were mine, I’d never want to let you go,” William said as he squeezed my hand. “Probably a good thing you don’t understand me, for if I’d said that to any of the girls back home, they’d be buying a wedding dress that very day.”

I clasped his hand tightly in both of mine, shaken at the message in his eyes that he’d reinforced…

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