It is summer in Australia.  We have just come out of a record breaking four days over 40C and have already experienced the first bushfires of the season.

The hot weather reminded me of a story I wrote two years ago, while fires were burning in the hills east of Adelaide.

Firesticks is based on an Aboriginal myth about lightning and the discovery of fire.

Summary : The First Fire

Fire was brought to earth by two members of a tribe of people who lived in the sky near the two brightest stars, (their campfires). They came to earth to hunt possums for food but while they were busy hunting, the firesticks got bored and started to play ‘chase,’ starting fires wherever they touched the ground.  Some Aboriginal people saw the fires and were afraid, however then they realised how useful fire could be and lit some firesticks for themselves.

You can find the story in my (free) Beach Apples collection.



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