Free Books – this Weekend Only!



The weekend sale is now LIVE!

This weekend, I, and 11 other published Wattpad authors are running a short term promotion where we let you download our published Amazon books for FREE!  There is no limit. Download all 12 ebooks.

All books are free on Amazon from 2nd – 3rd June 2018.

NB  Please double-check that each book is free at the time you are downloading it from Amazon. Your time zone may affect whether books are free for you at that moment.


Vera Loy Star Clash


Sally Mason Survive


L.V. Lloyd Night Traveller


Bad Neighborhood edited by Fox Emm


Demelza Carlton Enchant: Beauty and the Beast Retold


Elise Noble Pitch Black


Kelly Blount Grishma


Erica Laurie Eun Na and The Phantom


Ysa Arcangel  Moments of Joy


May Freighter Desired


Debra Goelz  Red Snow


Maaja Wentz  Blasted Bloomers

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