My Paperback Saga

Like many Australian authors, I was bemused to discover that Amazon will not post author copies of my books – or indeed, customer ordered paperbacks, to Australia.

Instead I, and every other customer, are obliged to purchase paperbacks through a Global Supplier. In the case of my newest book, A Hen Thief and Other Stories, the option was to order via Book Depository in the UK for over $21 per copy.

Amazon claims this is to do with Australian tax laws which came into effect from 1st July 2018. However, Createspace, a separate branch of Amazon since (unfortunately) absorbed, was able to send me my author copies for a couple of dollars plus postage, in August 2018 without any fuss, so I’m not wholly convinced…

Luckily, while I still have some handfuls of hair left, I discovered Lulu, which will print paperbacks to Australians via a Melbourne distributor. More expensive than Createspace but still cheaper than Amazon’s workaround alternative!!

Other writers, who expect to sell commercial quantities of paperbacks are using Ingram Sparks, also printing from Melbourne, but requiring a Registered Business Number and purchased ISBNs.


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