I’ll Protect You

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Ever want to try something different? A change of position or perspective?

Infiltrator Draft Cover low resI try to write a story or scene from the most appropriate perspective. Sometimes, that means it’s told from a disinterested observer and not the protagonist at all. In my Ocean’s Gift series, Vanessa is one of the main characters, yet she tells you very little of the story. There’s an incident with a hammerhead shark in Ocean’s Infiltrator where I chose to write that scene from her point of view – but it was a tough decision whether to use her or Joe Fisher.

For those who don’t know Joe (and those who do and want more of him), I figured I’d share the chapter I didn’t use – Joe’s perspective of the hammerhead incident. This scene is in Ocean’s Infiltrator, but it reads very differently when related by Joe:

I’ll Protect You

“Watch this, Daddy!”…

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