Winner of Regency Masquerade Blurb contest!

Congratulations and thanks to EJ Kellan!

“It is a time of grace and etiquette, and women did not stray from custom, but for Frances Metcalf, pulling off the unthinkable is what makes her so extraordinary.


After the sudden death of her father, Frances is the cunning and resourceful risk taker who arrives in London with questions about her past. As a gamester’s daughter she knows she won’t get very far as a woman, but as a man … Peter Francis has the whole world at her feet.


When she delivers Lord Carleton from a dangerous encounter, he is grateful and she is drawn to the gentleman’s nobility and charm. That is, until he stumbles, in the literal sense, over Peter Francis’ alternate identity and raises questions of his own about his new acquaintance.


Caught between trust and deceit, a scandalous truth begins to unfold. Ladylike or not, when the instinct to survive becomes key, an outpouring of deception, lies, and betrayal is certain to follow.


Will this heroine’s past cost her a chance at love?


It’s anyone’s guess who will survive this game of ‘Regency Masquerade’.”

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