First book by new writer – Emily Arden

Lover By Moonlight

Deception, Book One: Sleeping with her stepbrother. (15+)
Rosa thinks she’s found the perfect man to introduce her to the delights of the flesh – the sexy star of her stepbrother Roberto’s latest film. But when she arranges a moonlit assignation, little does she realise it is Roberto himself who keeps it.
Roberto might be a world famous movie director with ‘the world at his feet’, but he can’t seem to get Rosa to show the slightest bit of interest in him as a man. Yet even though she doesn’t seem to want him, he can’t bear the thought of anyone else having her. And so he does the unthinkable, substituting himself for her boyfriend on the night of their tryst. He may have wanted her for as long as he can remember, but will she ever forgive him?
(Sexy contemporary romance, 15+)

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