Welcome to the Hydrodome

A blast from the past 🙂

Demelza Carlton's Place

article76451299-3-001 - Hydrodome ad 8 Jan 1927 from Mirror p12 cropped Advertisement from the Mirror, 8 January 1927

The South Beach Hydrodome was THE place to be seen. Tearooms, beach and swimming baths; a dedicated tram service to take you there…even shark netting to keep uninvited guests out.

Opened in 1923, the Hydrodome was definitely a feature of Fremantle life in the 1920s, so setting my historical fiction series there meant I had to include it. How could Maria live in Fremantle and NOT visit South Beach? According to ads at the time, there were no sad sea waves, flies or sharks. Not that she minded sharks…

South Beach

South Beach was a preferred swimming and recreation spot from the beginning of the twentieth century. A tramline was constructed from Fremantle to South Beach, which opened in 1905.

Hydrodome train at south beach low res

South Beach was officially declared “open” for public recreation by the Governor Sir Gerald Strickland on 15 November 1909 and gazetted as a reserve…

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